Custom buckets for all of your business needs.

Customizable buckets ideal for various industries - construction, education, events, and more. Tailor them to your business needs and let your brand shine in any setting

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One Bucket, Infinite Possibilities.

Custom logo for any occasion

Make every event memorable with MoreThanABucket. Perfect for weddings, reunions, or community gatherings, our buckets with your custom logo add a personal touch.

Business or company event

Elevate your corporate events with branded buckets. Ideal for conferences, trade shows, or company parties, they're a practical and stylish way to showcase your brand.

Support your fav sports team

Show team spirit in a unique way. Customized with your team's logo, these buckets are perfect for games, fundraisers, or as fan merchandise.

Team event or "team bucket"

Bring the team together with a 'Team Bucket.' Great for team-building events or sports outings, these buckets with your team logo foster unity and function.

Promote your brand or event

Spread the word about your brand or event with a custom-logo bucket. A practical, eye-catching way to advertise, they're perfect for giveaways or as functional decor.

Name your bucket for fishing

Personalize your fishing experience with a named bucket. Ideal for fishing enthusiasts, these buckets not only keep gear organized but also showcase your passion.

BBQ event or tailgate

Enhance your BBQ or tailgate party with branded buckets. Customized for your event, they're perfect for holding utensils, drinks, or just adding to the festive atmosphere.

Stickers for that extra touch

Add flair to your bucket with custom stickers. Whether it's for personal expression or additional branding, these stickers are an easy way to make your bucket stand out.

Custom More Than A Bucket 2.0
Custom More Than A Bucket 2.0
Custom More Than A Bucket 2.0
Custom More Than A Bucket 2.0
Custom More Than A Bucket 2.0
Custom More Than A Bucket 2.0
Custom More Than A Bucket 2.0
Custom More Than A Bucket 2.0
Custom More Than A Bucket 2.0

Custom More Than A Bucket 2.0

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Customize your bucket with personalized decals to promote your business, build your brand, or support your favorite sports team!

For wholesale business pricing and bulk order interest, email or call 908-291-8344. 

2.0 Features:

1. Bar Stool Bucket Seat and Kneeling Pad now comes standard with all 2.0 Bucket orders. 
2. 2.0 Container Upgrades include 90 degree Spring-Loaded Lid that will never close on you for easier access. 
3. 2.0 Containers include an upgraded, patent-pending built-in belt clip attachment for the Knob and Lock System, no need for separate belt-clip accessory! 

Also included: 

• 6 detachable containers (No Assembly Required!) 
• Room for 6 more detachable containers with our Patent Pending Knob & Lock System. 
• All buckets fit up to 12 detachable containers. 
• All containers are ergonomically shaped to easily grab what you need. 

Receive custom pricing and discounts for bulk orders

Whether you're gearing up for a large event, outfitting your entire team, or stocking up for your business needs, our custom pricing and volume discounts make it more affordable and efficient.

Custom buckets tailor-made for your team, event, or business

Perfectly aligning with your brand's identity and needs, our buckets offer a unique blend of practicality and promotional power, ensuring your message stands out in any setting.

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