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Our Story, The Knoblauch's.

Meet Doug Knoblauch, a seasoned carpenter with 4 decades of experience in the craft, hailing from Bucks County, PA. Growing up in a large family, Doug's childhood was filled with fond memories of going down the shore in Wildwood, NJ, where he discovered his love for boating and fishing.

As a devoted husband and father, Doug's family has played a significant role in shaping his life. Being from a family of wrestlers, he took on the role of coaching his sons in youth wrestling. Doug's commitment to family and his passion for sports and the outdoors have all contributed to his inspiring story.

Today, Doug's dedication to innovation and improving the lives of workers resonates with the community. His patented Knob and Lock system has not only revolutionized construction practices for his small business, but has found applications in new industries, including fishing, tailgating, and athletic training. Inspired by the feedback and support from his customers, Doug continues to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams.

Our Vision, More Than A Bucket.

At our company, we envision a future where innovation and craftsmanship converge to empower workers and enrich their lives. We strive to be at the forefront of creating revolutionary products that enhance efficiency, safety, and convenience for blue-collar workers across various industries.

Beyond the construction sector, we envision our products becoming a staple in households, simplifying everyday tasks and improving the quality of life for homeowners.

Additionally, we aspire to make a meaningful impact on the fishing world, providing them with tools that not only make their fishing experiences more enjoyable but also contribute to environmental sustainability.

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Doug Knoblauch

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More Than A Bucket

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