More Than A Bucket.

Make your everyday tasks more efficient with Knob & Lock’s utility-focused storage products. Crafted for construction pros, the everyday homeowner, fishing, tailgating, sports equipment, you name it! Our products are engineered to fit your unique needs.

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Less stress with storage built for convenience

Say goodbye to cluttered spaces and endless searching, and enjoy a life where every item has its place. Our innovative products prioritize your ease, transforming daily tasks into effortless routines.

Products engineered for utility and built to last

We know your time is valuable. Streamline your day with storage solutions designed to simplify, organize, and maximize efficiency. Experience the difference of having everything in its place, so you can focus on what matters most.

Life is easier when everything’s organized

We understand materials add up. Our detachable containers are designed to attach to anything from your clothes to your tool belt so you always can stay organized on the go.

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